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Athlon: Innovative fleet and mobility management | Mercedes-Benz Mobility AG (1)

What we do

Mobility is in a state of constant change: Topics such as subscription, electrification and digitisation are transforming our entire industry and fleet management. We meet the shifting needs of our customers with innovative solutions that offer a holistic approach to mobility.

The importance of mobility and flexibility for corporate customers continues to grow. More and more companies today are focusing on their core business and leaving the efficient management of their vehicle fleets to specialists. Athlon is one of the leading providers of multi-brand vehicle leasing and fleet management in Europe and has a portfolio of close to 400,000 vehicles.

For more than 100 years, the company has been developing innovative and cost-efficient fleet solutions for business customers. They help customers navigate through new challenges by offering integrated and sustainable fleet and mobility solutions. Athlon is present in over 20 countries in Europe and North America, directly or via valued partners. Athlon has been part of the Mercedes-Benz Group since the end of 2016.

A passion for customer satisfaction

Fleet managers feel supported by Athlon's experienced and highly committed team. This is because of the in-depth knowledge of the mobility challenges faced by the business community and because Athlon offers innovative and sustainable business mobility solutions.

Above all, customers appreciate the fact that in addition to many digital solutions, Athlon also offers personal contacts for all aspects of fleet leasing and management: From consulting and planning, to financial and operational leasing, comprehensive fleet management, maintenance and return for cars and commercial vehicles.

Athlon. Getting you there

Athlon shapes sustainable mobility. They view mobility holistically – both socially and economically. They take environmental protection seriously and respond with sustainable leasing concepts. They see the efficiency of the fleet processes as a challenge, and work to make sure that it is constantly met. Wherever you want to go, with Athlon’s products and services you are always one step ahead.

Athlon solutions


Full-service lease

Athlon FullServiceLease is an all-in-one leasing service that’s made to measure for your personal requirements and challenges. Fleet managers and company car drivers benefit from strategic fleet management and all-around service that covers all of the essential areas, from procurement to insurance services, claims management, tax management, fuel card, tyres, maintenance, and vehicle recycling so that our customers have time for what’s really important to them: their core business.

Van lease

Athlon VanLease combines van leasing with an all-around service. Maintenance, servicing, tyre service, insurance, and breakdown assistance are included for our customers. Athlon is a multi-brand mobility provider and offers all van models that are currently on the market. We also help with the branding of the vehicles.

Finance lease

Athlon FinancialLease is a leasing option where your fleet vehicles appear as an asset on your balance sheet, without the possibility of ownership, as you rent a vehicle for a fixed period of time.

Short-term lease

Athlon ShortLease combines the advantages of a temporary vehicle rental and a full-service lease.

Employee lease

Athlon EmployeeLease is the ideal mobility solution for employees without a company car.

Used cars

Athlon SecondDrive gives business customers the opportunity to expand their fleet with top quality used cars in a full service formula through a digital marketplace.

Short-term and long-term rental

Athlon Rent makes it possible to rent a vehicle from our large selection of cars and vans on short notice. This service is an appropriate supplement to your fleet and offers high flexibility. Choose a vehicle that you like, whether it’s to keep employees mobile for short-term projects, to optimise the utilisation of your fleet, or to test electrified vehicles. You determine the rental period. Thanks to the one-time monthly invoice, you save resources and administration costs. You pay just one all-inclusive fee that covers tax, insurance, breakdown assistance, maintenance, replacement vehicles, tyre service and cleaning. In addition, you can obtain a complete report on the use of the vehicle at any time.


Car sharing

Athlon Share is a car sharing solution where you only have to pay for a vehicle when you actually use it. At any other time, the car is available to others. This solution reduces your fleet costs and you have less need for parking spaces on your premises. Bookings are made via a separate Athlon platform. At the end of the month, you will receive a single invoice with the details of your vehicle usage. Insurance, damage or roadside assistance, maintenance and cleaning are all included in Athlon Share.


Athlon Flex enables employees to adjust their mobility to changed family requirements and new circ*mstances of working and living. Athlon Flex is a flexible alternative to the long-term leasing contract — it enables drivers of company cars to change their vehicle as they wish: Young families, for example, could change to a van or a wagon; diesel drivers could test an electric vehicle.

Athlon Flex is a digital solution providing those employees entitled to a company car with complete control over the budget available to them every month. They also have the opportunity of combining their company car with additional means of mobility such as public transport or an electric bicycle. The change between the modes of transport does not give rise to any additional costs or fees. Customers also get an exact insight into the effect on budget and taxes.

Mobility budget

Athlon MobilityBudget is an individual mobility budget for every employee. The employees use their budget freely and flexibly for various mobility products such as car sharing, bike sharing, leasing and car rental. Thanks to our online portal, you can keep track at all times of costs, refunds, and journeys traveled. Companies also get the possibility to create financial incentives in order to motivate employees to move around in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Mobility card

Athlon MobilityPay is a flexible service that gives your employees the possibility to pay for their mobility with only one card.

Electric mobility

Athlon E-Mobility is an all-in-one solution comprising of a consultation, a leased electrified vehicle, charging stations for company locations and employees at home, and a closed invoicing system. The electric mobility experts from Athlon support you along the entire process chain. As a multi-brand mobility provider, Athlon offers all models of electric vehicles on the market.


Athlon Charge is a carefree electric driving solution. Athlon ensures that drivers with an electric vehicle can charge their car easily and affordably – whether it be at home, at work or on the road.

Bike lease

Athlon BikeLease is the perfect extension to your vehicle fleet, and a way to reduce the C02 emissions over the long term. After all, company bicycles are an environmentally friendly mode of transport, and the exercise of cycling is good for one’s health. In addition to the company bicycle, you receive individual support and all-around service that covers maintenance and an insurance policy. The selection of city bikes, racing bikes, electric bikes, and folding bikes offers employees the freedom of choice. Whoever is interested in keeping their trusty bicycle when the contract comes to an end has the opportunity to purchase it.

Scooter lease

Athlon ScooterLease makes it possible for you to ride smoothly through city traffic. Athlon's ScooterLease offers you a worry-free, all-in-one service.

Management & Consulting

Fleet management

Athlon FleetManagement facilitates the management of your vehicles. With Athlon FleetManagement you have focus and stability.

Online self-service platform

MyAthlon is an online tool for the easier procurement and administration of your fleet. Company car drivers can quickly and simply configure a car within the framework of their car policy. Fleet managers keep an overview of all leasing contracts and receive insights through reports and invoices. The tool creates exhaustive reports about your fleet.

Mobility management

Athlon MobilityManagement is a web or cloud-based system that provides fleet managers with a transparent insight into their mobility costs. Those companies that cover wide-ranging mobility requirements benefit from this management system. The Mobility Management System is easy to integrate into existing IT systems for payroll and accounting and reveals savings potentials.

Mobility consulting

Athlon MobilityConsulting is the best way to make the right decisions for your current and future fleet and mobility needs. Benefit from the know-how of our Athlon experts.

Driver training

Athlon DriverTraining improves your employees' driving skills in terms of safe and sustainable driving.


Athlon Connect makes your fleet organisation run more efficiently than ever. And, it makes it easy for you to focus on cost savings.


Athlon Insurance keeps your employees safe and your vehicles on the road.

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Athlon: Innovative fleet and mobility management | Mercedes-Benz Mobility AG (2024)
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