[Top 7] Clash of Clans TH10 Best Army Compositions (2024)

Welcome to this article where we will discuss the Best Army Compositions for TH10. To begin, let me explain what TH10 is. The TH stands for Town Hall which is probably the most important building in your Home Village in Clash of Clans.

When upgrading your Town Hall you unlock new buildings, traps, and Heroes and you can upgrade each to a higher and better level. In this article, we will discuss army compositions to use in multiplayer battles when your Town Hall’s level is 10. At TH10 you will be able to unlock new troops such as Miner and Bowler, as well as new spells like Clone and Bat Spells, and a new defense building - the Inferno Tower.

Having a good army composition is vital in Clash of Clans. Depending on your goal, whether it is to earn trophies or to farm, you will need a good army. With each level, you will have to face stronger enemies, as the loot from weaker opponents will only diminish. Because of that, you will need a good army composition that will allow you to overcome stronger or similarly powerful opponents.

7. Mass Dragon (Clan War)

[Top 7] Clash of Clans TH10 Best Army Compositions (1)
The troops used in Mass Dragon Army Composition

The Mass Dragon army composition is a very straightforward army composition that aims to deal a lot of damage with huge firepower. If attacking in multiplayer mode, try finding bases with weaker air sweepers and air defenses. This way you will be able to easily overpower your enemy.

I often use this army composition because it is easy to use and it is quite powerful. When maxing out your spells and troops used for this tactic, this army composition can become very useful to you for multiplayer and clan war battles alike.

When using this army composition, try to take out three air defenses with a combination of Lightning and Earthquake Spells. Once this is done, you will have to destroy buildings on the outside of the base, creating a tunnel for your troops to go inside the base in the direction of remaining air defense. Use baby dragons to create that tunnel.

Remember, that to succeed you will need to destroy three air defenses. The remaining air defense cannot be in the way of the air sweepers, those need to be directed to the opposite side, otherwise, you will find it difficult to win.

How To Use This Composition:

  • use spells to destroy three Air Defenses
  • use Baby Dragons to create a tunnel
  • attack the remaining Air Defense with Dragons, Balloons, and Heroes
  • attack from the opposite side than the Air Sweepers
  • use it for offensive attack
  • use for Clan War

Mass Dragon Details:

  • x4 Balloons
  • x10 Dragons
  • x2 Baby Dragons
  • Request Stone Slammer with Balloons
  • Barbarian King
  • Archer Queen
  • x8 Lightning Spell
  • x1 Freeze Spell
  • x2 Earthquake Spell
  • Clan Castle: x7 Balloons, Lightning Spell
  • Request additional Lightning Spell

6. Mass Baby Dragon Queen Walk (Trophy Push)

[Top 7] Clash of Clans TH10 Best Army Compositions (2)
The troops used in Mass Baby Dragon Queen Walk Army Composition

This next army composition is a very good offensive trophy push-concentrated army composition that will allow you to gather three stars more easily. It can be used both in multiplayer battles, as well as Clan War battles. It might come especially helpful during Clan War League when it is crucial to get three stars out of every attack.

I used variations of this army composition multiple times and it is a very successful strategy to get two or even three stars. It might be a little bit difficult at first, but with time you will certainly use it to its full potential.

My biggest advice is to level up your Archer Queen as quickly as possible if you decide to use this army composition. The level of your Heroes can really influence the battles and can make a very significant change in your favor. In the case of Mass Baby Dragon Queen Walk, the Archer Queen is a central figure so having her level maxed out is crucial.

If you are not using this Army Composition for Clan War battle, then simply variate your approach, use a little different tactics on using Siege Machine, etc. There is no one best approach, all approaches can bring you closer to your optimum goal.

How To Use This Composition:

  • use your Archer Queen with all Healers and one Balloon and the corner of the enemy base
  • preferably deploy the first troops near the enemy’s Clan Castle
  • use Freeze and Poison Spells on the enemy’s troops from Clan Castle
  • use Rage Spell on your Archer Queen once you attack Clan Castle troops
  • request Battle Blimp and use it so that it reaches Eagle Artillery
  • request at least Yeti and Valkyrie
  • use Rage Spell on your Clan Castle troops
  • deploy Baby Dragons around the base
  • use Freeze Spell on Inferno Tower
  • use for Trophy Push

Mass Baby Dragon Queen Walk

  • x10 Wall Breakers,
  • x4 Balloons
  • x5 Healers
  • x13 Baby Dragons
  • Barbarian King
  • Archer Queen
  • x4 Rage Spell
  • x3 Freeze Spell
  • Clan Castle: x1 Yeti, x2 Valkyries, x1 Archer, x1 Poison Spell and Battle Blimp

5. Penta Laloon (Trophy Push)

[Top 7] Clash of Clans TH10 Best Army Compositions (3)
Penta Laloon Army Composition Troops

Another great offensive Army Composition. Even though Penta Laloon is quite difficult to master, do not be discouraged by that. If you learn to use this Army Composition at TH10, you will be able to use it more efficiently at higher Town Hall levels as well.

If mastered and if done properly, an attack using this Army Composition is practically unstoppable at TH10. It will come in handy when attacking during the Clan War or Clan War League. If you can use it well, you can easily score three stars against most Town Halls at level 10.

Be sure to learn to use this Army Composition well. Practice on Single Player and Multiplayer Battles as much as possible and try gaining the most stars out of each battle. At first, you might not use the Penta Laloon properly, but with time you will surely master this strategy.

How To Use This Composition:

  • try to clear the most buildings outside the walls with the use of Barbarian King and Archer Queen
  • if possible, try to take out at least one Air Defense with your Heroes
  • use your Balloons around the base, use 8 Balloons on three sides
  • use Lava Hounds freely to attack with the Balloons
  • use Haste and Rage Spells when your troops approach Defenses
  • use Poison Spell on enemy’s Heroes or Clan Castle troops
  • when approaching Defenses use your Heal Spell and use it again when approaching final Defenses
  • use it for a Trophy Push

Penta Laloon Details:

  • x24 Balloons
  • x4 Lava Hounds
  • Barbarian King
  • Archer Queen
  • x2 Healing Spell
  • x1 Rage Spell
  • x4 Haste Spell
  • x1 Poison Spell
  • Clan Castle: x1 Lava Hound, x1 Balloon and x1 Skeleton Spell

4. Zap Witch Attack (Clan War League)

[Top 7] Clash of Clans TH10 Best Army Compositions (4)
Troop Army Composition for the Zap Witch Attack

I think that this is one of the Army Compositions that will be very liked amongst TH10 beginning players. This composition doesn’t need you to even use your Heroes. Probably its greatest perk, since you can upgrade your Heroes and not worry about losing a battle in Multiplayer or Clan War.

This is the Army Composition that worked perfectly for me at TH10. It is a very easy composition to use, I could always score at least one start and I could focus on upgrading my Heroes. Overall, it’s a very powerful and easy Army Composition to use when you are TH10.

I would advise you to upgrade your troops and spells to use this Army Composition. Fortunately, you can use it early on, since there is no need to use Heroes at all. Forget about upgrading both your Heroes to level 40, you don’t need that to use Zap Witch Attack.

How To Use This Composition:

  • use Lightning and Earthquake Spells to destroy two Inferno Towers (aim at the ones that are set to Multiple Target)
  • deploy your troops on one side of the base
  • one of your Golem needs to go to the center of the enemy’s base
  • the other Golems should go towards the sides of the base
  • use Log Launcher with the Golem going to the center of the base
  • use all of your Witches along the line where Golems were placed
  • at the end deploy Wall Breakers in the middle of the line
  • have Bowlers in the Log Launcher
  • use Freeze or Poison Spells in case your enemy has any Clan Castle troops
  • use for Clan War Leagues

Zap Witch Attack details:

  • x3 Wall Breakers
  • x3 Golems
  • x12 Witches
  • x8 Lightning Spells
  • x2 Earthquake Spells
  • Clan Castle: x5 Bowlers, x1 Baloon, x1 Freeze or Poison Spell and x1 Log Launcher

3. Gobowitch (Clan War)

[Top 7] Clash of Clans TH10 Best Army Compositions (5)
The troops used in Gobowitch Army Composition

Another fun Army Composition that allows you to forget about your Heroes for a minute. If you are constantly thinking about how you cannot spend the abundance of Dark Elixir at the beginning of the month, then this strategy is for you. Use Gobowitch Army Composition to safely upgrade your Heroes, while you get the best results during the Clan War League.

I have used this composition for a few months constantly and I will certainly say that it is a good one and a fun one to use. It might be a little bit difficult at first, but I am sure you can handle it with time. Just try to practice it as much as possible.

Yet again, remember to use it with troops that are preferably maxed out for TH10. Moreover, I advise you to request a Log Launcher and additional Bowlers to have them with you and help you three-star an enemy base.

How To Use This Composition:

  • deploy two Golems close to the sides of one lane
  • the lane where you should deploy your troops should face the Clan Castle followed by Town Hall
  • deploy all of your Witches behind two Golems, deploy them along the whole line
  • drop the Log Launcher in the center so that it creates a tunnel straight to the Clan Castle
  • once all the buildings on the attack site outside the walls are cleared and the tunnel is created, drop all of your Bowlers to go inside the base
  • once the troops reach the core drop the Rage and Healing Spells
  • you can drop another Rage and Healing Spells to clear out the core of the base
  • use Poison Spell on Clan Castle troops
  • use Freeze Spells on the Bomb Towers once you approach them after clearing out the core of the base
  • use this Army Composition for Clan War Battles, if you cannot use your Heroes

Gobowitch Details:

  • x2 Golems
  • x10 Witches
  • x10 Bowlers
  • x2 Healing Spells
  • x2 Rage Spells
  • x2 Freeze Spells
  • Clan Castle: x5 Bowlers, x1Poison Spell andx1 Log Launcher

2. LavaLoon (Clan War)

[Top 7] Clash of Clans TH10 Best Army Compositions (6)
The troops used in LavaLoon Army Composition

Now let’s go with the little variation on Penta Laloon Army Composition with this one. The main focus of this Army Composition is to create a tunnel for your other troops by doing a Queen Charge at the start of the attack. This Archer Queen-oriented approach is a really nice spin on this Army Composition.

My favorite Army Compositions and strategies are usually used with Queen Charge so that’s why I love LavaLoon. The successful charge can raise your chances of defeating your enemy significantly. To make sure you succeed, try taking out Air Defense and the enemy's own Archer Queen.

Not to sugarcoat this Army Composition, please don’t use it if you are a rusher. You certainly need your troops and especially your Balloons and Archer Queen maxed out. If you don’t have that or aren’t remotely close to it, don’t even bother trying this strategy on powerful TH10 opponents.

How To Use This Composition:

  • use a Wizard and a Minion to clear the side buildings outside the walls
  • use Archer Queen on the corner of the base, where she will be able to fight against the enemy’s Archer Queen and where she can destroy Air Defense
  • deploy all Healers to aid your Archer Queen
  • use Wall Breakers to open the tunnel for the Archer Queen
  • when fighting the enemy’s Archer Queen use a Rage Spell
  • once all this is done use a Jump Spell so that your Queen gets deeper inside the enemy’s base and does as much damage as possible
  • you can use another Rage Spell on your Archer Queen so that she can take out more buildings, preferably try to take out any Air Sweeper and Air Defense
  • use Poison Spell on any Clan Castle Troops
  • attack with your Balloons and Lava Hound from one side aiming at Air Defense and use a Haste Spell to get them quickly across the base
  • use the other Balloons and a Haste Spell to attack the Inferno Tower, deploy Clan Castle Troops, and use Haste Spell

LavaLoon details:

  • x5 Wall Breakers
  • x20 Balloons
  • x2 Wizards
  • x5 Healers
  • x11 Minions
  • x1Lava Hounds
  • Archer Queen
  • Barbarian King
  • x3 Rage Spells
  • x2 Haste Spells
  • x1 Jump Spell
  • x1 Poison Spell
  • Clan Castle: x1 Lava Hound, x1 Balloon and x1 Freeze Spell

1. Queen Charge Miners (Defense-oriented Attack for Three Stars)

[Top 7] Clash of Clans TH10 Best Army Compositions (7)
The troops used in Queen Charge Miners Army Composition

Personally, I really love to use any variation on Queen Charge attacks. That being said, the Miner variation is probably my favorite one. This Army Composition guarantees a swift offensive and an easy victory if done correctly. Can be especially useful during any Multiplayer Battles when you find the right target.

For me, this composition is very tactical. You need to make sure that your Archer Queen cleans out most of the topside along with the enemy's Clan Castle and Inferno Tower. If you can do that, the rest will be quite easy.

To use this Army Composition you need to have your Archer Queen at a very high level. Strike for anywhere between 30th and 40th level. Obviously, the closer to the maxed-out level at TH10, the easier it will be to clear out the more difficult bases. Apart from that, make sure to use all the spells at the right time.

How To Use This Composition:

  • use Archer Queen along with your Healers to clear out a corner of the base, preferably the topside
  • use your Wizards, Balloons, and Baby Dragons to clear out the sides and create a tunnel for the Archer Queen
  • try taking out the Clan Castle and an Inferno Tower with your Hero
  • use a Rage Spell when dealing with CC and Inferno Tower
  • once you clear the good section of the base and create a path for the Miners, use them to attack the next Multi-Target Inferno Tower
  • at the same time deploy the remaining troops and Barbarian King at the bottom of the base to clear it out
  • use Heal Spells when your Miners will deal with Inferno Tower and X-Bows
  • use Rage Spell either on your Archer Queen or on your Miners, but use it separately to Healing Spells
  • use for the three-staring enemy base

Queen Charge Miners details:

  • x1 Archer
  • x6 Wall Breakers
  • x2 Balloons
  • x3 Wizards
  • x5 Healers
  • x1 Pekka
  • x1 Baby Dragon
  • x16 Miners
  • x2 Minions
  • x3 Healing Spell
  • x2 Rage Spell
  • Clan Castle: x5 Miners, x1 Hog Rider andx1 Poison Spell

Here was my ranking of the top 7 best Army Compositions in Clash of Clans at Town Hall 10! Let me know if your Army Compositions are similar and tell me what other attack strategies and compositions you prefer to use.

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